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Changes are coming!

Want to know what they are?

There will be many changes being worked on and implemented over the summer in the FCCKids area!  There will be physical work done to our kids environments as well as program changes that will improve both the safety and quality of FCCKids ministry. Click on the video to hear a short explaination of some of the changes that will be occuring!

Summer Seven

our current message series

Summer is the season to take a break from some of life’s demands and responsibilities. Spring cleaning leads to summer garage sales that get rid of the old stuff you don’t need anymore. It’s a time to make room for new priorities, new experiences, new freedom, and new passions. This seven-week series digs into topics meant to bring us closer to Jesus and challenge our spiritual maturity this summer.

Faithful Church

principles for building a faithful church

Leaders change and trends go out of style. Only churches that are built on the solid foundation of God's Word will grow and remain effective. In this series, we will explore nine unchanging biblical principles that provide an eternal foundation for building and growing a faithful church in today's culture.