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Metaphors of the Church

Six Images of the Church

A metaphor is a figure of speech that is used to make a comparison between two things that are not alike - but do have something in common. Within scripture, God has given a variety of metaphors to provide for us a rich view of His Church. For the next six weeks, we are going to look at six metaphors that will give us a deeper, truer, more inspiring understanding of who we are as God’s people.

Dreaming about our Future

Possibilities for FCC's Land

We have big dreams for our 40 acres.  Click below to hear what God's done through FCC so far and what we are dreaming about for the future.


Living Right in a Sinful Society

The message at the heart of the letter to Titus is about living right in a sinful society. Following Christ comes naturally to no one. As Christians, we are all on a journey under the guidance of the Holy Spirit who is forming and molding us to look increasingly like our Savior. That said, it can be easy for us to slip back into behaviors that do not represent Christ, which is why we must be intentional about the way we live.