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 The Dakota People were a part of the web of life on the prairie and woods of what is now known as the Upper Midwest. However, life for the Dakotas changed drastically with the arrival of settlers in the 1800s. Soon the great herds of bison, along with the traditional Dakota way of living, were quickly taken away. Today, reservation residents suffer physically, emotionally, and most significantly spiritually, from the cumulative negative effects of a long string of broken promises and tragic events.

The current situation on the Crow Creek Sioux Reservation, particularly with the youth, is heart wrenching. Alcoholism and drug addiction are prevalent, and directly impact every family on the reservation. According to the U.S. Census, Buffalo County, which comprises most of the reservation, is among the poorest counties in the United States. Currently the children of the Crow Creek Reservation endure inordinately high rates of physical abuse, sexual abuse, alcohol-related neglect, teen pregnancy, child and adult alcohol and drug abuse, alcohol absences and drop-out, and seven times the national rate of suicide and delinquency.” These statistics and quotes are from a report by the Business Research Bureau of the University of South Dakota.

Diamond Willow Ministries sees a future where the young tribal members in the ministry rise up to become leaders on the Tribal Council, working as entrepreneurs and business people on the reservation and assuming leadership roles with the ministry and providing spiritual leadership within the Native American community.

The wonderful things happening on the reservation through Diamond Willow Ministries are a result of Fortville Christian Church and many others that see the need, share the vision, and contribute financially and through prayer. Thank you for your faithful support.

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