Diane Miller at G.O. Ministries

Dianne Miller, Director of Field Administration, is responsible for the collection of information on the GO Kids! Sponsorship program working in conjunction with the US representative.

She is also responsible for the implementation of highly functioning operations that continually improve the collection efforts. She maintains the records of national partnership support: including the reconciling and payment of support for nationals on a monthly accounting basis.

Dianne traveled to with her church in Illinois to the Dominican Republic on a short-term mission trip in March 2005. She fell in love with the people and returned to her life in the US with a deep desire to return to the island of Hispaniola. Two years later, she joined GO Ministries in April of 2007 as the GO Kids! Coordinator.

 Her vision for the GOKids! Sponsorship Program is to organize and grow fully funded nutrition and school programs thereby giving children the resources they need to break the cycle of oppression and encourage them in order to raise up strong Christian leaders for tomorrow.

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