Gregorio Thomas at G.O. Ministries

Our church has partnered with Gregorio Thomas who serves in the Sabaneta de Yasica region of the Dominican Republic (DR). Gregorio is a local pastor who is leading both a church and a Nutrition Center that feeds over 70 children with six hot meals each week. We have sent several teams to serve with Gregorio in the Dominican Republic over the last year.

Our partnership with Pastor Gregorio has been possible because of G.O. Ministries. G.O. Ministries seeks to empower passionate, local leaders serving inside their own cultures to redeem people, renew communities and restore creation by developing dynamic “International Partnerships in Ministry” that result in mutual transformation. So far, G.O. Ministries has formed over 70 of these partnerships that both challenge and support the inspiring efforts of National Christian leaders abroad.

We formed our partnership with Pastor Gregorio in January of 2013 after four leaders from FCC traveled to the Dominican Republic to meet six different potential partners that G.O. Ministries is trying to establish. At the conclusion of this exploratory trip, all four leaders felt called to partner with Pastor Gregorio. Since then, dozens of people from FCC have been down to the DR to serve the community that Pastor Gregorio shepherds.

During those trips, we have participated in feeding the children at the Nutrition Center, held VBS programs, painted the church, painted several houses, constructed a kitchen for the Nutrition Center, constructed a concrete walkway between the road and the feeding center (which was prone to flooding), canvassed the community praying for different individuals we met along the way, as well as handed out invitations to Gregorio’s church services which always results in a packed house. We have also been blessed to witness and participate in many baptisms of new believers in the river by the church!

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