Kager Medical Ambassadors Misson Dispensary

Kager Medical Ambassadors Mission Dispensary is a health clinic in rural Kenya started in 2002 by Pastor David Kayando, a Kenyan national who knew that the Lord was calling him to minister to the needs of his and surrounding villages. Reflecting on the suffering of many people in these rural villages, he saw many die from preventable and curable diseases simply due to having no access to health care. The clinic officially opened with one Nurse and one Nurse’s Aide on staff. For over eight years, the clinic was very limited in the services it could provide. However, God was at work and in the past seven years there was expansion and increased service delivery, as well as recognition by the government as a major player in health service provision in this rural region.

Unfortunately, in August 2019, the facility met a major financial loss from one of its key supporters. This led to the dismissal of the clinic’s Nurse and Laboratory Technologist, leaving the facility in low mode now with only a Clinical Assistant and HIV/AIDS Counselor. Without the two senior key personnel, the clinic is struggling to adequately meet the needs of the increased workload and quality service provision in the areas of testing and diagnosis, as well as care for mothers and babies during and following childbirth. Because the work of the clinic largely depends upon support from friends and supporting churches, it is Pastor Kayando’s prayer that the Lord will make a way for more funding to come and fill the present gap. They receive a very limited supply of medicines from the government; most of what they need comes directly from ministry support partners. Because a large number of patients now come in for services, it is critical that the lost financial support is replaced so that the Nurse and Laboratory Technologist may be rehired.

Pastor Kayando shepherds his church, Kager Vision Centre and his prayer is that the medical needs of his community can be met along with the spiritual needs as he continues his work spreading the gospel, bringing lost souls to Christ, and raising up leaders in the Church to change the world.