North Burma Christian Mission

Tom has been a part of this mission since his birth. The mission is 94 years old. It started with J. Russell and Gertrude Morse going to China in 1921, with Tom’s father, Eugene Morse as an infant. They left China when the communists took over and crossed into Burma, where Tom was born. This is a family mission and Eugene, his brothers and their families, and his parents all worked together. When communism took over in Burma they were once again asked to leave. They crossed the Himalayan Mountains on foot and tried to go into India. They were refused passage at the border and stayed for almost seven years in the jungle, which they called Hidden Valley. The book Exodus to a Hidden Valley, tells of these adventures and how they were still able to share and spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. When they were discovered and finally expelled from Burma, they stopped in Thailand for medical and dental work. They discovered that there were more of the Lisu and Rawang tribal people there. So, after a short nine months in the U.S. they returned to work in Thailand and have been there ever since.

Tom has served in many different capacities over the last thirty years. He and Debbie live in a debt free home in a Lisu Village named Bethany. The Bethany Bible Training Center is located there and Tom still oversees the Bible Training School. They continue to train students to become leaders in the various village churches scattered in the mountains in Northern Thailand. These village churches now all have Lisu pastors. He continues to preach, teach, encourage in the Lisu Churches and attends regular meetings of the Lisu leaders. Debbie is involved in a women’s Bible study and prayer group, a deliverance ministry and manages all their mission correspondence.

Tom & Debbie Morse
North Burma Christian Mission Box 249
Chiangmai, THAILAND 50000