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Robert Rees is a third-generation servant of the Lord. He is the son of Emrys and Usha Rees, missionaries to India, and grandson of David & Lois Rees, who were missionaries to China, Burma, and India.

Robert works with Pioneer Bible Translators in several regions in India. He trains local people to translate the Bible into their own language so that the resulting Bible will be their own and not just a book crafted by outsiders.

Robert is presently focused on choosing and training translators for the audio New Testament since many of the people groups he serves cannot read or write. He is overseeing a team of translators that are working on the book of Luke and the Jesus film.

In addition to that, Robert also promotes the creation and use of songs and Bible stories among these people. In this way, he has been able to reach out to many more villages, spreading the gospel and teaching the Word of God in areas where written words are not effective.

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