The Ark Christian Ministries

The Ark Christian Ministries (formerly Rainbow Christian Camp) is a global ministry that provides creative ways for individuals to experience radical personal and spiritual growth by creating communities of grace wherever God leads. We believe that as 2nd Corinthians 5:18-21 states, we are a Ministry of Reconciliation. We are reconciling people to God, people to people, and organizations to God; transforming the kingdoms of this world into the Kingdom of God, where His will is done on earth as it is in Heaven.

We believe that radical spiritual and personal growth happens as we provide opportunities for people to spend time with God and others in Christ-centered community and cross-cultural settings. We believe that as people spend time with God, He molds them to better understand and fulfill His mission for their lives. We provide opportunities for people to spend time with God, seeking the mind and heart of God in a Spirit-filled atmosphere that allows youth to experience a temporary community with God in charge. Our camps immerse young people in a mission-focused environment that puts a face on the work of Christ. Our staff and volunteers help people understand God’s call on their lives and translate it to the rest of life through mentoring/discipleship, experiential teaching of God’s Word, and providing exposure to how the rest of the world lives. After they leave our facility, we provide alumni with support, encouragement, and networking as they change the world.

Access to a variety of facilities on the camp’s 50 acres helps accomplish these goals and is available for all types of guest groups. Activities include all-day or overnight school retreats for group building and problem solving; indoor climbing with initiatives; and getaways for church groups of all ages.

The Ark Christian Ministries
Bruce Cameron, Executive Director
3522 N 1000 W 27
Converse, IN 46919