The Wisemans At Inner City Christian Church

Roger & Beth Wiseman of Inner City Christian Church met in St. Louis while serving there as missionaries at a St. Louis inner city mission for the poor. They became charter members of Inner City Christian Church in St. Louis and helped it attain incorporation status as well as 501C3 status. Though their work now includes more ministerial duties, their focus remains on community outreach in this high poverty area of St. Louis.
Roger keeps very busy preaching both the morning and afternoon worship services every Sunday, teaching Adult Sunday School, and leading a Bible Study on Thursdays. He also helps Inner City Christian Church operate its food pantry and clothing room that are available by appointment.

Christian educational needs are met through a Children’s Bible Study on Wednesdays, Adult & Family Bible Study on Thursdays, and Teens Bible Study on Fridays. Tutoring is also provided based upon need and staff availability. Sunday School is held for children and as well as junior church. A Christian Board of Trustees helps to maintain the facilities and manage the finances as well as help with the Sunday Worship and Sunday School.

Three worship services are held every Sunday with one service in the morning, one in the afternoon and one in the evening. Chip Pagel, a St. Louis Christian College graduate, and his wife Angie, from Halls Ferry Christian Church, provide Christian Programming for children during the sermon on Sunday evenings.

Roger & Beth Wiseman
Inner City Christian Church
1956 East Warne
St. Louis, MO 63107