Founded in 1975, World Mission Builders is committed to putting “permanence” in missions. We do this by recruiting believers in foreign countries who have a desire to serve in the ministry. To accomplish this, World Mission Builders pays to send them to Bible College in their own country. Four years of room & board, books, and tuition are provided.

Upon graduation, the individual must sign a two-year commitment contract with World Mission Builders to start a new church, understanding that the church must be self-supporting at the end of the two years, as financial support from World Mission Builders ends at that time.

World Mission Builders then constructs a church building and gives it to the congregation “free and clear” with the only request being that they take good care to maintain it. These congregations are then asked to help others and the cycle becomes self-perpetuating.

• 308 Church buildings constructed overseas and 92 in USA (with our Domestic unit)
• Witnessed over 263,000 baptisms in 33 years of ministry
• Taken over 6,000 volunteers for short-term mission trips
• Supported over 1,500 Native Evangelists over the years
• Currently supporting 27 Native Evangelists
• Started and built 2 new Bible Colleges in the Philippines
• Started and built 3 new Church Camps on Bohol, Leyte and Bataan, Philippines

1. Build Church building at Candoni, Negros, Philippines
2. Build Church building at Kananga, Leyte, Philippines
3. Build Church building at Port Au Prince, Haiti, West Indies
4. Build Church building at Babag, Bohol, Philippines

Ed Thomas, Director
World Mission Builders
3785 8th Place
Vero Beach, FL 32960