Misty Bodkins at Ministry Care International

Ministry Care International (MC) exists to be the hands and feet of Jesus to nationals and missionaries worldwide in two key ways:

  1. To equip, empower, and train nationals (natives to that country) to carry out their ministry and offer hope and healing to their communities.
  2.  To offer crisis and trauma care and teaching to both nationals and missionaries so they can continue to be effective in spreading the Gospel.

Ministry Care seeks to continue Christ’s ministry of love, teaching, and healing and therefore, spreading the Gospel to the ends of the earth. Ministry Care believes that love and hope are foundational to sharing the Gospel.

Ministry Care promotes “self-care” in ministry leaders through services such as electronic publications, counseling, coaching, consultation, seminars, and workshops. In working with charitable organizations, missionary groups, and national ministry leaders, MC promotes individual and group health in order to maintain and grow healthy ministries. MC also provides services that help ministry workers manage emotional, physical, and relational health issues.

Misty Bodkins Ministry Care
14934 Pacer Court
Carmel, IN 46032
Email: ministrycareinternational@gmail.com