Mountain Mission School

Since 1921 we have been rescuing children, raising leaders, and reaching nations for Christ. The boys and girls who come to MMS are sometimes orphans, sometimes from dysfunctional homes, sometimes from overwhelming poverty or dangerous places. In society’s eyes, they have major strikes against them, major hurdles to clear.

But when they come to MMS, they encounter love, security, encouragement, and high standards for behavior, achievement and responsibility, as our current student body of 246 is experiencing. In short, we equip our children to become contributing members of society. Mountain Mission School lifts boys and girls from circumstances that are difficult to escape. In so doing, we set those children on a straight path to productive lives.

Our donors make our children’s success stories possible, because it is only through support from friends like you that we can do our work. To house, feed, and educate our students costs MMS $15,000 per child. This year we are encouraging churches and individuals to sponsor a child to help bring about life- changing opportunities that will set them on the path to success. A full year sponsorship is $15,000, but if that is beyond reach, then we ask individuals to consider a partial sponsorship of just $30 per month. Just $1 a day can help make success stories possible.

It’s an investment that has extraordinary ripple effects which actually enable your gift to multiply over time. Every sponsorship dollar goes directly to assisting our students.
Thank you that since 1950, your congregation has invested so much in our ministry. Your partnership has been an invaluable source to us, and we sincerely thank you for helping us carry our work forward as we rescue children, raise leaders and reach nations for Christ.

Mountain Mission School
1760 Edgewater Drive
Grundy, VA 24614