The Gerigs at World Partners

John and Julie Gerig have worked since 1994 in Youth Ministry in St. Petersburg, Russia. Coming to Russia, they found the majority of churches were not making any special effort to minister to their 12-17 year-olds. Consequently, many kids were losing their faith by the time they reached adulthood and there was little to draw unchurched teens to Christ through the Christian community.

Over the years, John taught Youth Ministry and related classes at St. Petersburg Christian University (SPCU). He works with others to host seminars for local youth workers and conferences for local teens. He creates and translates materials for church youth ministries and camps. He and Julie are active with the kids in their Russian church. They participate in a Fall English Club and Summer Camp, outreach opportunities that impact a larger number of teens.

John and Julie have four children: Brandon (27), Andrew (25), Megan (22), and Daniel (20). Brandon works in Chicago. Andrew is studying and working in Fort Wayne. Megan recently graduated from Purdue University. Daniel attends Moody Bible Institute. John and Julie also continue to work part-time at International Academy in St. Petersburg in the areas of Music and Spiritual Life.

John began attending Fortville Christian Church in 1983 and married Julie in 1987. Both became church members and helped with youth ministry and music until called to Russia in 1994. Fortville still feels like ‘coming home.’